Blue Dream Strain Review | Effects, Origins & Medical Benefits

Blue Dream grown under grow lights

If you’ve ever visited a legal cannabis dispensary overseas, you’ll probably recall seeing Blue Dream on the menu. Even in South Africa, this strain is very popular and enjoyed by countless cannabis enthusiasts.

The strain is famous for its strong, long-lasting high, and is a tried and tested A-lister that doesn’t show any signs of losing popularity. As such, we thought it necessary to give an extensive Blue Dream strain review.

In this post, we’ll explain Blue Dream’s origins, effects, flavours, aromas and medical benefits. If this sounds appealing, then continue reading below to learn all there is to know about this marvellous strain.

The Strain’s Origins

Blue Dream's home town of Santa Cruz


Blue Dream first rose to fame in the seaside town of Santa Cruz, California. The town was one of the epicentres of  the American cannabis culture in the 90s. During this time local activists from Santa Cruz spearheaded the medical weed movement, playing a significant role in legalising cannabis in California.

As the Californian cannabis community clustered around Santa Cruz during this time, it’s no surprise that this cultural hotspot spurred the creation of many legendary strains that we know today.

A breeder known as DJ Short got creative and crossed a heavy-hitting Indica called Blueberry with a spicy, Sativa-dominant Super Silver Haze. The results of this cross-over were outstanding, and gave birth to Blue Dream, a strain that is roughly 30% Indica and 70% Sativa, and tests at about 19% THC.

Blue Dream Strain Review: Aroma & Flavour

The strain’s aroma is sweet and pungent. Upon the first whiff, you’ll notice its berry-like notes, along with scents of spice, pine, citrus and lemon. Blue Dream’s aroma is extremely odorous because it incorporates the fruity notes of Blueberry and the spicy scents of Super Silver Haze.

In terms of flavour, Blue Dream leans more towards its Blueberry heritage due to its fruity taste with added citrus and floral notes. It’s simply a pleasure to smoke.

Blue Dream Strain Review: Appearance & Effects

Blue Dream indoor flower


While its aroma and flavour may be very similar to Blueberry, its appearance is not. In fact, it looks nothing like its Indica parent. Its appearance shows clear signs of Haze influence. The buds are bright green with yellow and orange pistils and densely coated in sticky trichomes. However, it’s not the appearance of Blue Dream that has made it such a popular strain, but rather its effects.

After your first few tokes, you’ll experience a cerebral rush that brings on heightened focus and motivation. The energetic component of the Blue Dream experience comes from its Haze heritage, but it’s not over just yet.

After a while, you’ll enter a state of total relaxation, showing its Blueberry influence. Overall, it’s a long-lasting high that blends all the best qualities of Blueberry and Super Silver Haze into an amazing and well-rounded hybrid high.

Blue Dream Review: Medicinal Effects

Scientist examining cannabis terpenes' medicinal benefits

Due to its hybrid nature, Blue Dream is highly versatile and an enjoyable choice for many types of smokers. As mentioned in our previous blog post, cannabis terpenes have medicinal properties. It’s these compounds that add to Blue Dream’s healing powers. The three most common terpenes found in Blue Dream include:


This is a sedative terpene, so when consumed, the high quantities of myrcene will ease you into a calm, relaxed state. This terpene also has muscle-relaxant capabilities, which reduce cramping and stiffness.

Myrcene also has other medicinal benefits, such as combatting toxins in our bodies by altering liver enzymes. This terpene does this by blocking an enzyme called CYP2B1, which prevents a cancerous toxin from damaging DNA.

Other research shows that myrcene may be effective at killing tumorous cells, specifically breast carcinoma, colon adenocarcinoma, and gall tumours. The terpene also reduces inflammation in chondrocytes, which are cells mainly found in cartilage. These findings suggest that myrcene has the potential to be an effective treatment for osteoarthritis.

If this seems too good to be true, just wait, because there’s more. Myrcene displays analgesic properties in animal studies. This indicates that the terpene reduces pain responses and could act as a substitute for pharmaceutical painkillers. This has prompted more research, due to myrcene’s immense medical potential. If you’re looking for sedative strains, Bubba Kush 2.0 is an exceptional choice due to its high myrcene content.


As one of the most prevalent terpenes found in nature, pinene gets its name from its abundance in pine trees. If you enjoy strains with a pine-like scent (such as Blue Dream), you can thank this terpene. Beyond the aroma, it’s also capable of reducing inflammation, harmful bacteria and diseases in the body.

Interestingly, pinene causes our airways to dilate due to its anti-inflammatory nature. This is why breathing in forest air is so refreshing. This property means the terpene is useful at treating bronchitis and other respiratory ailments when consumed in oil form.

Pinene also has energising properties due to its ability to prevent the breakdown of neurotransmitters responsible for memory and cognition. While Blue Dream may have some sedative effects when consumed, pinene is thought to negate some of these effects and promote the cerebral, energising sensation that is also associated with the strain. Therefore, Blue Dream is more associated with mental clarity than sedative effects when compared to other strains.


Much like pinene, this terpene also reduces inflammation, boosts energy and diminishes anxiety. Caryophyllene interacts with the endocannabinoid system, much like THC. This allows it to treat inflammation in the body.

Combining the anti-inflammatory effects of caryophyllene, pinene and THC enhances Blue Dream’s ability to reduce inflammation in the body. So it’s no wonder why so many medical weed users love to smoke this strain. However, we have to mention that Squirt is another strain that is exceptional at reducing inflammation.

Final Thoughts on Blue Dream Strain Review

Person holding a Blue Dream joint

That brings our Blue Dream strain review journey to a close. All in all, it’s a superb hybrid that not only tastes amazing, but also offers various medicinal benefits. What’s not to love? This strain has stood the test of time, and still remains one of AdAstra’s most popular strains.

Regardless of medical properties, Blue Dream is a bucket list strain that provides an extremely well-rounded high all smokers ought to try at least once. If you love this strain, then you may also enjoy its sister Blue Dream CBD. It takes all the excellent components of her big brother, but adds some CBD magic to the mix.

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