Gorilla Breath Strain Review | Effects, Flavours and Aromas

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This week we’re focusing on a Gorilla Breath strain review. This is a pungent strain created by the world-renowned Humboldt Seed Organisation in California. They did so by crossing the famed Original Glue with OGKB (OG Kush Breath). This combination bred a high resin producing flower with a powerful OG aroma.

With parents like these, Gorilla Breath is bound to pack a punch so don’t underestimate it. With THC levels hitting between 25 and 27%, this Indica-dominant hybrid will knock out even the most experienced smokers.

Gorilla Breath Appearance

The appearance of Gorilla Breath’s buds can be directly traced back to its parents. Original Glue passed down its bulbous, sticky coating of crystal trichomes and neon green phenotype. OGKB handed down its long orange hairs and density to this stunning hybrid.

Gorilla Breath Strain Review: Aroma and Taste

Tasting notes of this strain include vanilla, pine, fuel, chocolate and diesel – a seemingly weird sequence of flavours, delicious nevertheless. The experience of smoking Gorilla Breath is both exciting and shocking.

At first, you are hit with the chocolatey diesel flavour with hints of earthy vanilla. Your senses are then surprised by a woody overtone and an intense strike of spicy fuel.

Gorilla Breath Strain Review: Effects

Gorilla Breath will hit you hard and fast, both mentally and physically. Your mind will be sent into blissful obscurity and your body into a greatly soothing state of contentment. The strain also tends to up your desire to be social, so it might be a good choice for a chilled night out, should you have a high enough tolerance to leave your couch.

Notable effects include tingling, giggling and mood enhancement. Happiness and euphoria also have strong links to Gorilla Breath. The list goes on with the positive effects of this strain but interestingly it has been known to get those creative juices flowing. Along with the strain’s euphoric qualities, it may be the perfect strain for those working in creative fields.

Gorilla Breath Strain Review: Therapeutic Benefits

This strain is not only potent, but it also offers a range of medicinal benefits. Many people report Gorilla Breath to help decrease their anxiety. Assisting both depression and lack of appetite have also been stated as common positive effects.

However, the pure strength of this strain is also known to help those suffering from glaucoma, chronic fatigue, headaches and nausea.

So How Does Gorilla Breath Provide These Wonderful Effects and Benefits?

So we know that Gorilla Breath offers cannabis users therapeutic properties, but what is responsible for producing these effects? Continue reading and you’ll find out!

Cannabigerol (CBG)

Gorilla breath contains about 1% CBG (Cannabigerol), an uncommon type of cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. However, even in its low quantities, it has powerful therapeutic effects. In this case, it could be where Gorilla breath gets its Glaucoma treating properties from.


Myrcene is the most dominant terpene found in the strain with Pinene and Caryophyllene as the runner ups. A cannabis terpene is a naturally occurring chemical compound responsible for the aromas, flavours and colours of many plants.

In cannabis, they may also work with cannabinoids to produce strain-specific effects and benefits. Myrcene is a dominant terpene found in cannabis plants but is also found in hops.

Myrcene is claimed to determine whether a strain has a cerebral high or a body high. A larger concentration of Myrcene is said to be responsible for sedative and relaxing effects, aka couch-lock commonly associated with Indica varieties. This is perhaps why Gorilla Breath is a highly sedative and relaxing strain.


Pinene is the second most dominant terpene found in Gorilla breath. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the scent of this terpene. Here’s a hint: Pine-ne. You probably guessed it already, but this is where Gorilla breath gets its pine-like aroma from.


Lastly, Caryophyllene is where Gorilla breath gets its pungent earthy aroma from. Squirt is another strain that contains high amounts of Caryophyllene.

This terpene also has positive health effects such as having pain-relieving properties, anxiety and depression reducing qualities, and could help with treating addiction. In addition, it’s also an antioxidant, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory agent. Some studies even suggest it could increase lifespan by decreasing gene stress.

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Closing Words on Gorilla Breath Strain Review

To summarise, Gorilla Breath has a delicious flavour profile and superb bag appeal. To make this strain even better is its amazing medicinal properties and association with creativity, euphoria and relaxation. What more do we have to say to entice you to try this incredible strain? It’s a winner in our eyes.

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