The New – Strain Review by AdAstra

The New cannabis flower

The New – Strain Review by AdAstra

Not much is known about The New weed strain, and that’s because it hasn’t been around for that long. As one of our favourite smokes of 2021, and with so little information available for this strain, we thought it was necessary to write a short blog about it!


The New Weed Strain Characteristics

Bred by the renowned Humboldt Seed Company, it is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Larry OG. First off, the resin production is off the charts. This makes for incredibly beautiful flowers that display dark green and purple colours. The New’s aroma gives off a gassy-cinnamon smell which are reflected in its taste.


The New Strain Weed Taste and Effects

When smoked, this strain has a sweet taste with hints of fuel and cinnamon. Its relatively easy to grow, and we found that it grows well both indoors and outdoors with amazing yields. The experience is made better by the strong high that comes with smoking this amazing strain.

We’d suggest smoking The New as a wind-down after your days’ work because the high is incredibly body-centric, very similar to our Bubba Kush 2.0. Its nugs are dense and bursting with flavour. Once you light up, you’ll see what we’re talking about when we say this strain packs some punch. Expect a long-lasting high that allows you to enter a deep state of relaxation and euphoria.


Final Thoughts on The New Cannabis Strain

Overall, when it comes to weed strains, The New is hard to beat. We believe that this strain is incredibly underrated, as it has amazing bag appeal, superb aromas and taste and powerful effects. It’s still very unknown within the cannabis community, making it a rare smoke. So don’t miss out and be sure to order yourself some, because The New will not disappoint.

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